Do not buy at CompuSaar !!!


Because I was charged trice (yes, 3 times) for one item!


As an OS/2 fanatic of old standing, I decided sometime ago to try and use Innotek's VirtualPC for OS/2 on the new eCS I purchased (almost a year ago). Innotek doesn't sell directly it seems, so I had to look around for a reseller/distributor I could use. I should have used Mensys (never had any trouble with them, they always were fast and reliable for me), but foolish me was looking for something closer to home. Well, I know the Saarland isn't really much closer to Vienna then the Netherlands. But somehow I came to CompuSaar and ordered the product there, at the price given on their online-sales page. At that time it was given as €229.--, which is also the sum referred to in the following email communication dated Mon, 6 May 2002 13:50:52 +0200, being the result of me asking, if and how payments by credit card might be possible.
Sorry, but it's german because it's an authentic copy & paste from my mail-program. I only fixed a couple of line-breaks for the sake of readability. And I removed my addresses.
    Sehr geehrter Herr Sarras,
    vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung.
    Sie können die Kreditkarteninformationen an schicken oder,
    falls Ihnen das lieber ist, diese uns unter +49 6894 3879713 durchgeben
    (vermindertes Sicherheitsrisiko).
    Bei Rückfragen zu weiteren Preisen oder den neuesten PDA´s, fühlen Sie sich
    frei uns zu kontaktieren.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Ihr CompuSaar Team
    Compusaar GmbH
    Palm Business Partner phone: +49 6894- 38 797 13
    Saarbrücker Str. 1-3 fax: +49 6894- 38 797 79
    66386 St. Ingbert email: An:
    06.05.2002 Thema: Re: Kreditkartenzahlung
    > Sehr geehrter Herr Sarras,
    > vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.
    > Eine Zahlung per Kreditkarte ist möglich. In diesem Falle müssen wir
    > aber eine Aufschlag von 5% des Kaufpreises erheben, da dies an Gebühr
    > fällig wird.
    > Ihre Daten können Sie uns gerne per Mail übermitteln.
    Herzlich Dank für ihre prompte Antwort. Das mit den 5% Aufschlag ist schon
    in Ordnung.
    Ich möchte also
    1 x Connectix Virtual PC für OS/2 (eCS) 229.-
    Die Lieferadresse ist:
    Dr. Alexander Sarras
    XXXXXX Wien
    Die Rechnungsadresse, wegen Mastercard lautet:
    Dr. Alexander Sarras
    XXXXXX Wien
    Bitte teilen Sie mir ehestbaldigt den Rechnungsbetrag mit, sowie eine
    (falls es nicht dieselbe ist) email-adresse, welcher ich dann die
    Kreditkartennummer übermitteln werde.
Well, I took up the offer of transmitting my credit card info via the phone (that's that +49 6894 3879713 number mentioned above). On May, 8th, I got the following confirmation, note the line
Für den Auftrag wurde folgende Zahlungsart vereinbart: KREDITKART
confirming that payment is to be charged via credit card. Suddenly it didn't seem possible to discern between different adresses for delivering and charging, but that's something not a lot of resellers manage, so I was in no way alarmed.
    Sehr geehrter Kunde,
    hiermit möchten wir Ihnen bestätigen, daß Ihr o.g. Auftrag bei uns eingegangen ist.
    Wir haben folgende Positionen unter Auftragsnummer 306184 erfaßt:
    Anzahl Artikelnr. Beschreibung Einzel netto Einzel brutto Gesamt brutto
    1,0 0001254 Connectix Virtual PC 4.2 VV - NEU - 207,28 240,44 240,44
    Die Auslieferung erfolgt an folgende Adresse:
    Herr Alexander Sarras
    XXXXXX Wien
    Die Rechnungsanschrift lautet:
    Herr Alexander Sarras
    XXXXXX Wien
    Wir führen Ihre Bestellungen unter der Kundennummer 1020465.
    Für den Auftrag wurde folgende Zahlungsart vereinbart: KREDITKART
    Die Auslieferung erfolgt in den nächsten Tagen. Wir danken für Ihren Auftrag.
    Für Änderungen an diesem Auftrag wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Vertrieb.
    Bitte beachten Sie, daß zum Gesamtpreis ggf. noch Versandkosten hinzukommen.
    Ihr CompuSaar Team
    CompuSaar GmbH
    IBM Business Partner phone: +49 6894- 38 797 - 0
    Saarbrücker Str. 1-3 fax: +49 6894- 38 797 - 79
    66386 St. Ingbert email:
The pricing seemed to have changed a little from €229.- to €240,44, but with the warning that shipping charges might be applicable, too. In the end it turned out to be €245,43.
It got a little stranger about a week later, when my mailbox contained a notice from the postal office, informing of a cash-on-delivery parcel waiting for me to collect it, and pay 255 euros or such prior to getting it. It was from CompuSaar.
Maybe I should have just refused to collect it. But I phoned CompuSaar first, btw that was a 12 (yes, twelve (!!)) minutes long-distance call, to check with them first. They said something along the lines (I didn't tape that call),
Sorry, that was an error in processing, no the card has not been charged and it won't be charged, I can be sure of that, just go ahead and collect it, and again, sorry for the inconvenience.
So I went to the p.o., paid up (it's a strictly cash first principle here, it is virtually impossible to even see an accompanying letter without paying first) and got the parcel.
It contained one CD-R and a bill of sales, still stating KREDITKART as type of payment. So, naturally I considered the shipping department of CompuSaar a bunch of degenerated morons (remember, I was told on phone they made an error) and forgot all about it. Well, why not, I had paid, had the software (though it was noticeable more expensive than I had reason to believe in the beginning, another reason to use Mensys), so all was well.
The packaging with all data concerning the COD-Parcel from CompuSaar
Not so well, as I realized shortly thereafter when Ms. Regiani for CompuSaar decided to introduce a grotesque twist, informing me, that purely due to an error, my credit card has been charged by mistake, with the following email, dated May, 17th:
    Sehr geehrter Herr Sarras,
    aufgrund eines Zahlendrehers in der Kunden-Nummer hat unser Mitarbeiter den
    Rechnungsbetrag der o. g. Rechnung gestern abgebucht.
    Bitte entschuldigen Sie das Malheur und benachrichtigen Sie uns sofort
    nach Abzug des Betrages.
    Wir senden Ihnen einen Euroscheck über die betreffende Summe.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus St. Ingbert
    Eva Regiani
    CompuSaar GmbH
There are a couple of points I'd like to clarify.
This let to a couple of phone calls, where I have to presume it was Ms. Regiani on the other hand. First I told them I'm not interested in fetching a registered letter (the only way to send money in any form) from the p.o., then go to the bank and cash the Euroscheck there, again paying up for something not my fault (at least here, there are some Spesen the bank wants from you, when you try to get money for a cheque. Not to mention he loss of interests on that sum, I might even end up paying some, if my account gets overdrawn because of this. So, why don't thy just cancel the credit card charge from their side. This should be easily done.
Then I was asked to provide proof for paying a COD-parcel. Now I started to wonder: I paid, got the product, what happened to the money. I told Ms. Regiani, who called me on my cellular while I was at work, that everything concerning that transaction was at home, so I'd not be able to provide any info whatever at the moments notice. Furthermore I specifically asked, what happened to the COD-order from their side.
I consider it notable, that even in this call, the fact, that I received the product by postal cash-on-delivery, was not disputed.
Shortly there after, I was contacted again by Ms. Regiani, on my cellular, where she stated that everything was sorted out. When I asked, if that means, that CompuSaar canceled the charge against my credit card, I was answer, that there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Nothing to worry?

Right, I didn't worry. At least until June, 7th. That's when I received the list of charges from the cerdit card firm.
My Creditcard-Statement
Well, anybody consider that ok! If so, just write me, and tell me why. Use CompuSaar (at) gmx (dot) com  for contacting me on that.
Naturally, I wrote a not so nice email to CompuSaar. Guess what, they even responded, telling me about their puzzlement about my allegations, and that everything is above water, well, again authentic and german:
    Sehr geehrter Herr Sarras,
    mit Verwunderung haben wir heute Ihre Mail erhalten.
    Die einzigsten eMails von und zu Ihnen waren am 03.05.02 (Ihre Bestellung
    im Shop) sowie die Mitteilung Ihrer Kreditkartennummer am 06.05.02.
    Wir können daher Ihre Mail nicht ganz verstehen, auch ist von unserer Seite
    nur eine Abbuchung auf Ihrer Kreditkarte erfolgt.
    Die einzigste Abbuchung ist auch gerechtfertigt, da die Lieferung unser
    Haus am 08.05.02 unser Haus verlassen hat und zugestellt wurde.
    Bei Rückfragen zu weiteren Preisen oder Produktanfragen, fühlen Sie sich
    frei uns zu kontaktieren.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Ihr CompuSaar Team
    Compusaar GmbH phone: +49 6894- 38 797 0
    Saarbrücker Str. 1-3 fax: +49 6894- 38 797 79
    66386 St. Ingbert email:
Interesting! CompuSaar never got my credit card data by email! It was done via a phone call. As it is proven, the card was charged twice. And I have a written apology for the first time!
A funny fact on the side is CompuSaar claiming a successfull delivery. Now how would they know that, unless CompuSaar got some kind of receipt. That very receipt must be showing it was delivered COD! So, can they prove the order was correctly delivered to me. And if, who's lying then?
Maybe someone there has gone completely bonkers ...

Even though I have evidence to the contrary CompuSaar insists on only and rightfully charging my credit card once.
While in reality CompuSaar received payment for a cash-on-delivery parcel, and afterwards tried to triple their income!

That's why I have to warn everybody against doing business with CompuSaar, since I was left with the feeling that CompuSaar's conduct is either criminal or grossly incompetent!
I would be very interested to hear other customers experiences at
CompuSaar (at) gmx (dot) com

Mastercard Austria cancelled the charges to my account. Looks like my evidence convinced them. I can't say if that means CompuSaar got those additional payments or not. Obviously the important part for me is that I had only to pay once for the product. Still, I'd like to know....

I really got mail on that account:
M.Schw. from told me he hadn't any problems buying VPC at CompuSaar
    ich habe VPC bei Compusaar gekauft und hatte keine
    Probleme. Ich habe lediglich die Versandkosten nicht
    bedacht (10 Eur), da ich per Nachnahme bezahlt habe

Well, at least it's not a regular habit at CompuSaar.